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Children's Menu

(for children aged 12 years or younger)


Green salad 4,50€

Fresh green salad, cherry tomatoes, cucumber and herb oil


Soup 4,50€

Delicious Black Salsify Soup

Main Courses

 Miller's Steak 12,00€

Minute Steak and Potato Wedges


Fish 12,00€

Pan fried Fish and potato puree


Ice Cream scoop 4,50€

House made Ice Cream


Start with…


Green salad (g,l) 8 €

Fresh salad with herb oil dressing


Black Salsify Soup (g,l) 10 €

Creamed black salsify soup with root vegetable chips


Pot of Boletus (g,l) 9 €

Cheese covered starter of wild Finnish mushrooms served with toast


Gratinated escargots 10 €

- fennel and Roquefort cheese (g,vl)

-creamy Boletus sauce (g,l)


Beef carpazzio 10 €

marinated with wild raspberries with homemade tomato marmalade (g,l)

Main to keep hunger away…

Risotto of wild Finnish Chanterelles (g,l) 18 €

Creamy risotto topped with freshly grated parmesan cheese and rocket from


Local Pike Perch with lemongrass sauce (g,l) 26 €

Local catch served with root vegetable pure


Tender chicken fillet in cider sauce (l) 25 €

Served with baked apples and barley with herbs


Overnight cooked young lamb (g,l) 27 €

Tenderly cooked lamb with thyme sauce and palsternacka pyre


Tenderly sautéed liver (g,l) 22 €

Fried liver sautéed with cream, bacon and onion. Served with mashed potatoes and wild cranberries


Pepper steak (g,l) 29,50 €

Filet of beef served with creamy pepper sauce, fried vegetables and potatoes spiced with rosemary


 Burger a la Myllärit (l) 17 €
 Homemade beef burger with cheddar cheese, picked cucumbers, mayonnaise and salad.
 Served with Potatoes seasoned with Rosemary

Also available for vegetarians:  Braod Bean Patty


Goat Cheese Salad (g,l) 14,00€

Fresh Salad with Goat Cheese and Marinated Vegetables


To end...

Orange cheesecake (l) 9 €

Creamy cheesecake with sauce of oranges


Homemade ice- cream (g,l) 8 €


Blueberry sorbet (g,m) 8 €


White chocolate pannacotta with apples (g,l) 10 €

Pannacotta seasoned with star anis and white chocolate

served with apple- cinnamon compote


Cheese plate from local farms (g,l) 10 €