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A Brief History of The Myllärit Restaurant

In past times, Tampere was famous nationwide for being a “Rieväkylä” (“rievä” means a type of bread made from barley, and “kylä” stands for a town) due to the multitude of mills located in it. This building was one of them. It was built in 1903, and for a long time it worked as a steam mill for the Hämeen Maanviljelijäin Kauppa Oy (a company of local farm product traders). The capital letters HMK on top of the front door serve as a remembrance of those days. According to the current knowledge, the mill in this building remained in operation until the 1950's.

This historic and atmospheric red-brick building has been designed in 1902 by Berndt Blom, a well-known architect from Tampere. He has also designed numerous other buildings in Tampere, including, for example, the cotton-manufacturing factory, which today serves as the Holiday Club Tampere Spa Hotel.

This building first became a restaurant in April 1987. Since 2006, the Myllärit restaurant has been owned and operated by Santeri Tiitola. Myllärit invests in purely Scandinavian flavours with warmhearted, premium quality customer service. It is located in the Tullintori area,only about a 100 paces from the Tampere Hall and the Moomin museum!